Motor Sports Association (MSA) Medical Examination


Standard Examiniation £59

What type of medical do I require?


First time applicants 18 years and over applying for a car, truck or Kart (not Kart Clubman) racing licence will be required to pass a medical examination.


Aged over 45 you will be required to pass an annual medical examination. A stress ECG is also required for competitors over the age of 45 and is valid for two years and will need to be subsequently undertaken alongside the licence application in the third year. WE DO NOT OFFER ECG TEST FOR INTERNATIONAL LICENCE.






Booking an appointment is easy!


  1. Book online and pay securely with a Debit or Credit Card Online! Select your own appointment

  2. Book by calling 0800 788 0643, please have your Debit or Credit Card nearby ready for payment




What does the medical examination involve?


Once you’ve booked your appointment take along your approved medical form which is included in the application pack and head to your chosen location. You should already have filled out the first section of this form marked ‘to be completed by you’. You may  be required to give a urine sample as they will be testing for diabetes so best to drink a pint of water before you leave the house. The examination will only take around 15 minutes and you will be asked questions about the following topics:


  • cardiovascular

  • endocrine system

  • musculoskeletal

  • neurological

  • psychiatric

  • vision


Based on your answers and the results of the tests your doctor will give opinion as to whether you satisfy the DVLA Group 2 medical standards and they will complete the remainder of the Medical form, sign it, and put their surgery stamp on it.